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Goals: How to Achieve them in 2017 and Beyond

Goals in 2017 and Beyond

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Well, we’ve made it through another year!  Today and each day after will be an opportunity to start afresh, to revitalize old dreams and to make new promises and resolutions in an attempt to get it right this time.  Doesn’t this seem eerily similar to last year?  Didn’t we make those resolutions, set those new goals, promise to ourselves that we were going to do it right in 2017? Haven’t we been down this road before?  So, how can we do it differently this time?  How can we make sure that in 2017, all those goals and dreams and wishes and promises happen?  We don’t have to fail in 2017!  We can make it happen!

So, how can it be done right in 2017? Here a a few suggestions:

Make sure that the goals you set for 2017 are realistic

So often we fall short of our accomplishments because we set the bar too high and we fail to make our goals specific.  For instance, setting a goal in 2017 to make  1 million dollars when the most that you have only made to this point is less than six figures, will probably result in you falling short of your goal.  Equally, setting a vague, general or broad goal can set you up for failure as well.  Saying that your goal in 2017  is to “make lots of money” doesn’t really give you anything to go by.

Work on those bad habits

Often making small changes in your life can result in significant accomplishments.  For instance, say you procrastinate and resolve to work on changing that habit.  So for twenty days, you make sure you knock off your most pressing items on you “things-to-do-list”, you live up to your commitments and deliver on all of your promises.  You make sure everything is done when you have committed to having it done.  After those 20 days you will find that by breaking your cycle of procrastination you have accomplished more which will have led to greater results.

Use time wisely

Life is not a dress rehearsal.  It is the real deal.  Every moment of your life is precious.  Resolve that in 2017 you are not going to waste the available time that you have.  If you don’t know how to manage time, take a course, read a book, but do it right away.

Share Your Goals

Share your goals with someone in your life that is a fire-starter.  There are two types of people in our lives that we typically run across – firefighters and fire-starters.  When you get that fire burning in your belly, you really don’t need a firefighter to put it out.  You need someone to stoke that fire, to hold you accountable, to encourage you and to help you achieve your dreams.  Find that person, share your goals with them and at the end of the year I guarantee that you will be celebrating your successes with them.

Learn more and apply what you learn

First, read books, articles, journals, anything that can help to improve you and your skill sets.  Someone once said that a person who can read and does not is worse off than a person who cannot read at all.  Most people, after leaving high school, never read another book again in their lives.  Reading makes us better spouses, parents, friends, employees, leaders and teachers.  Also, use your down time, while commuting, traveling, or exercising to listen to audio tapes of some of the masters – Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, John Maxwell, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Dale Carnegie, Jay Abraham, Les Brown, Dan Kennedy, Stephen Covey and the list goes on and on.

These are just a few suggestions.  The important thing is to come out of the gates fast, get up and going, and commit to doing it right every day.   Just as we see 2017 as a new opportunity to start fresh, you should view each and every day as a new opportunity to start with a blank canvass and then create an masterpiece by the end of the day.  For more information on time management and goal setting, I have included some links to Brian Tracy’s web site below.  Let us all make 2017 a great year.


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