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Diversity: Holding on to the Past

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Hate is still prevalent in America.A few years ago an article appeared  in the Columbus Dispatch, the major newspaper in Columbus, Ohio, that illustrated even during Black History Month, many have not arrived to a time where racial bigotry and hate are things of the past.  The accompanying photograph sums up the feelings of this individual protester.

Columbus, located in central Ohio, is today the largest city in Ohio.  It, along with other Ohio cities played a crucial role in the Underground Railroad.  Many slaves found help and freedom from the oppression, violence and cruelty of the American South by coming through Ohio.

This photograph was taken  in a small city just a few miles south of the largest metropolitan area in the state.  The city where this occurred, was once the Capitol of the State of Ohio.  The photo shows that hatred still lingers.  Some people still  resist to the positive change that diversity has brought to our country.

Diversity is Important

Successful people,  companies and organizations embrace diversity.  Apparently, the person that displayed the hateful sign on the back of the truck tailgate doesn’t understand how diversity has made the United States a better nation.

Dr. King fought and ultimately died for the equal rights and opportunities for all people.  He did this for everyone.  A person’s race, creed, color or gender didn’t matter.  He stood for equality and opportunity for all.

Despite a bigoted few,  we will arrive at a time and a place where bigotry will be a thing of the past.  America has a very bright, and colorful future!


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