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Talent is Never Enough

Talent is Never Enough

In 2007, Terry Fator, a ventriloquist from Dallas, Texas, won NBC’s popular show, “America’s Got Talent”,  second season.   Fator went on to become a top Las Vegas headliner.  Prior to his appearance on the show, most had never heard of him.  But after his win, his career skyrocketed.  What most people don’t know, though, is that he almost gave up ventriloquism.  

Fator has been busy at ventriloquism for most of his life.  But he almost gave up.  Before entering the show’s second season competition, he said that the low point of his career came when he booked a 1,000 seat theatre and played before an audience of one.

Terry Fator always had the skills and expertise.  But his career dwindled.   He  kept at it and kept pushing to market and improve himself.  After winning “America’s Got Talent”,  Terry Fator has gone on to become a Las Vegas headliner.

Talent is Never Enough

Having all the skills, qualifications and expertise is not enough.  In his book, “Talent is Never Enough”, John Maxwell points out, “…Talent is only a starting point in business.  You’ve got to keep working that talent.”  Success requires so much more than being just the best conditioned athlete or the most expertise Salesperson.   The singer with those most beautiful voice doesn’t automatically go on to become a diva.

There are millions of failures in the world.  But those folk with talent, coupled with hard work and innovation can script the life of their dreams.  So many people give up on their dreams, or think they have done enough to make it, when they are just short of the goal.  With a little more work, branding, polishing, and practice, they they would have made it.  But they decided to give up, just short of the dream.  Their success might have been around the corner.

Never give up.  Never quit improving.  Success is there waiting for you.  Just ask Terry Fator.


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