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Ovid: To Be Loved, Be Lovable!

Be Love-able

The Roman Poet, Ovid, once wrote, “To be loved, be lovable.”  It seems that any more folk wait around for something good to happen to them, yet remain the same person that they have always been. Changing who you are makes you lovable.

Do Your Part

If we want good things to happen to you, then you have to do your part as well.  Ovid’s words can be interchanged with others – ‘To have friends, you must be friendly,” or ,”To be liked, you must be like-able.”  Make changes to yourself and become a new person!  I often say that we can readily see the faults in others, but when it comes to finding fault in ourselves or in our actions, we have less than 20/20 vision.  It’s hard to change.  But good things happen to those who make a change for the positive.  If you are walking around saying to yourself, “What’s wrong with everyone!”, then you may want to stop and take a hard look at yourself.  You may be the problem.

Change Your Perspective

Commit yourself to seeing the good in everyone and the good in every situation.  Know that the jar is always half full.  Always pointing out the negative, just makes you a negative person.  No one wants to be around someone that is negative all the time.  Change your perspective.

Love comes to those who are indeed lovable.


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