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One Phone Call Can Save You From Foreclosure


Suppose there was one phone call that you could make to keep your house and protect yourself from foreclosure?  Suppose, making one phone call could stop harassment from credit card companies because of late payments.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could just pick up the phone and dial and when you hang up, hang up with the confidence that everything is going to be all right?  Well you can!

You think I’m crazy, right?  You think this is some type of scam?  Well, I’m not crazy and this not a scam.  With one phone call you can save yourself from financial ruination. The key to the phone call is knowing when to make and and to whom.

Often times when we get ourselves in a tough situation, or go through a storm, we tend to ignore what is in front of us.  We close our eyes and hope that it will go away.  But unfortunately, it doesn’t go away.  It only gets worse.  Knowing and recognizing that there is trouble down the road, or you might be facing financial difficulty is an important first step in getting your finances into order.  Most of us wait until it is too late.  The creditors are already knocking at the door and the sheriff’s auction is right behind.  It doesn’t have to come to this.   Why?  Because when you recognize trouble, just pick up the phone and make that one call.  And who do you call?

Simply the company that you owe.  Often times, that’s all it takes.  Before long, you will find yourself working with your creditors to resolve your debt.  No,  it is probably not going to go away and they are probably not going to forgive the debt, but most credit card, loan and mortgage companies will work with you to help you bring your account current.  And it all starts with a phone call.

You really don’t need to pay someone money to make this phone call for you.  You can do it yourself.  Just pick up the phone and call and let them know that you need help.  Most will help.  So, if you need help from foreclosure,make that call today.  Also, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has resources and counseling that can help you avoid foreclosure.  You can visit them here.


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